Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What would Sandra Day think?

Because I am an incredibly blessed and lucky person, I have an appointment set up to meet Justice O'Connor next week and have her take me on a tour of the Supreme Court. The babe is coming along.

Though I haven't broadcast this information widely, those friends that know are super jealous.

In fact, two of my dear friends have offered to engage in romantic relationships with me in exchange for an invitation to join me in meeting O'Connor.

J said to me today, "I'll be your girlfriend too. I won't have sex with you because, well, I don't do that. But I'll cuddle. I'm good at cuddling. I'll let you touch my boob."

That's right. She offered a boob grab in exchange for meeting Justice O'Connor.

Unfortunately for J, I'm deeply devoted to the babe and keep all of my boob grabbing for her.

But, being the kind and giving person that I am, I wanted to put this information out there for any of you hoping to hook up with a lady. Supreme Court Justices are the way to go. Pick a Supreme Court Justice and set up a meeting! That lady will be offering all sorts of things in exchange for the opportunity to tag along.


PT-LawMom said...

I've met Ginsburg, Roberts (before he was on the Court) and Souter. I'm up for a boob grab anytime for those who want to bask in my glory. LOL. You are super-lucky. O'Conner is awesome. How on earth did you score such a thing? COOL!!!

Virgin In The Volcano said...

I think you should tell O'Connor that the chance to meet her merits only one boob. For the pair, you have to, Madonna? Angelina Jolie? Tina Fey?

(In)Sanity Gal said...

PT - How'd you get to meet all those folks?!You're like a supreme court groupie. My lucky stroke is that my mom got to meet her (through my mom's husband), and my mom mentioned how jealous I was of her getting to meet O'Connor, and then O'Connor offered to take me on a tour of the court. And we, of course, took her up on it. :)

Virgin - you're hysterical. I'll have to ask J if she'd up the ante to two boobs for someone else. And who that might be. I'm pretty sure if I found out a way for her to meet Taye Diggs, she might even change her mind about the no girl sex thing.

Trannyhead said...

That's hawt! I would totally allow a boob grab AND arse grab for the opportunity.

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