Monday, October 6, 2008

The Best Laid Plans

9:32 pm - Call the babe to say goodnight, the plan being to go to bed early after a stressful, emotionally traumatic day and get up rejuvenated around 6:00 to do a bit of yoga and spend an hour finishing evidence reading before heading to the internship.

9:52 pm - Hang up with the babe, turn out the light, and snuggle under covers.

10:18 pm - Readjust my position in the bed for about the 30th time. Begin slowly saying a relaxing mantra in my head.

10:22 pm - Decide that I will get up and read if I'm still awake at 10:30.

10:26 pm - Get out of bed and get evidence book. Figure that I might as well be useful. Besides, it was putting me to sleep earlier.

11:04 pm - Curse my damned brain for not cooperating. Curse my evidence book for not putting me to sleep. Just curse in general. Sigh heavily in dejected manner.

11:05 pm - Harumph off the bed and put on my slippers. Shuffle into kitchen and pour glass of soymilk. Spread cheese on piece of bread. Sit down at computer. Confirm no new emails/chats/comments since last time I checked. Start reading blogs. Eat and read.

11:45 pm - Wonder how it is possible that I'm not falling asleep at the computer. Curse my damned brain.

12:05 pm - Back in bed. Trying to think relaxing thoughts. Trying not to think non-relaxing thoughts like "HOLY GOD, YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE ASLEEP 2 HOURS AGO, AND NOW YOU'RE NOT GOING TO GET ENOUGH SLEEP AND YOU'RE GOING TO BE TIRED FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!"

12:18 pm - Curse my damned brain.

6:00 am - Curse my damned alarm clock. Yoga. Hmm... Ha.


PT-LawMom said...

Hey, tomorrow is hump day! Hope you are feeling better and getting some sleep. Insomnia sucks!!! Stress sucks. :(

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