Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Big Questions, Part II

I said I would do some research, and research I did.

Last night, I told the Babe that I had tried it out and that, to my dismay, it worked. The pants stayed up, and I could walk. She wasn't surprised and immediately hopped up to try it with her own pants. The following conversation ensued as we both walked around with our pants under our butts:

Me: But there's still the question of where stuff is. See, if I dated a guy, I would just come home and tell him to wear his pants down low and I'd check things out to see where it is.

the Babe: I think different guys have their junk positioned differently, you know?

Me: Yeah, I guess. I guess if the pants are here (pointing to where my pants are), the junk could be in between your legs.

the Babe: Or, I think the pants could be up here (she pulls them up just a teensy bit higher). I think they might be resting them on their junk.

Me: No. No! Seriously? They're resting them on their junk? That can't be comfortable.

the Babe: (knods seriously) I think they are.

Me: Or else they've got it between their legs.

the Babe: Yeah, I mean they're either pulled up higher and they're resting it on the junk or they're down lower, and the junk's just hangin' out there.

Me: Wow. Yeah....I guess you're right...yeah....

Ah, lesbians discussing the junk.

And as a special treat, per saisai's request

I think I'm going to leave this style for the boys.


saisai said...


facebook profile pic? you know that's the next step...

saisai said...

oh and also: i'll volunteer j as your guinea pig if you really can't sleep at night because you're so worried about junk placement.

(In)Sanity Gal said...

Interesting. I wonder how J would feel about that. :)

J said...

Ya, so I don't know how other dudes do it and I was never a gangbanger, but I would imagine that you'd either have your "junk" between your legs or have your pants just above the junkline and below the assline. I believe this would be referred to as the position of greatest seduction potential.

Love Always,

The Fella

the babe said...

j, thank you for pretty much confirming what i thought was true. when insanity gal told me she was posting our conversation, i had a little panic over my dyke-ignorance. but i feel better about it now. :)

PT-LawMom said...

I think they tighten it just above their junk but they can't really rest it "on" their junk, can they? It's kind of, well, floppy for that. I can't imagine it would stay up just based on the junk alone...

P.S. Cute butt.

saisai said...

based on my observation of lil wayne's performance on snl just now: the butt is fully outside of pants, but the junk is inside pants. in other words, the front of the pants is higher up than the back of the pants. i don't think "tucking in" would be particularly conducive to performing live...

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