Monday, October 27, 2008

One win away

A special post today - for the babe.

I just read an article on ESPN. I have never in my life read an article on ESPN. In fact, I think I've only ever been on the page to look up something once for the babe. And just now I read a whole article - I even read the second page. This is a big deal.

This morning when I grabbed the Washington Post Express as I headed into the metro station, I turned to the sports section. The sports section has previously been known as the section-that-i-skip-over-to-get-to-the-other-sections section. And yet today, I turned to it. And then I got all cranky and crotchety because there was nothing about the World Series. I railed against the paper in my head. "What the eff? What is going on here? Oooh, the Redskins. Big deal. The Phillies are one win away!" This is a big deal.

Off the top of my head, I can name at least seven players and tell you which positions they play. I could tell you right now how the Phillies scored all of their runs last night. This is a big deal.

You could judge me for being a fair-weather fan, but that wouldn't be entirely accurate. It's not like I didn't like the Phillies before because they were losing or something. I just didn't pay much attention to sports in general. I watched with the babe sometimes, and we went to some games together. I always enjoyed it, but I just wasn't invested.

I'm invested now. I sit on the edge of my seat while we watch the games; I gasp and cheer and high five. I care. I'm looking forward to watching the game tonight. That's really not true. I'm anxiously awaiting the game tonight.

I want to cheer for the Phillies and rejoice with all of those fans, like the babe, who have loved them all along, who have cheered for them and believed in them, who get angry when people suggest that their presence here in this World Series is all just luck or a fluke. Who knew that they had it in them.

I want them to win. Tonight.

And yet...

I will be so sad to say goodbye to baseball until next season. I feel like I made a new friend, and I'm going to miss him.


the babe said...

You're amazing. I'm so happy to have had a part in this transformation of yours. Fabulous post. I am also anxiously awaiting the game tonight. I think I've had butterflies in my stomach all day.
Go Phillies!!! woohoo!!

saisai said...

rays! rays! raaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyys!


(In)Sanity Gal said...

Ah saisai. Clearly you jinxed us with your blasphemous cheers. Hence the horrible, never-ending rain delay. The babe and I will now be forced to kidnap you, dress you in phillies gear, and make you jump up and down on one leg with your arms up in the air while cheering "The Phillies are the Best! The Phillies are the Best!" and simultaneously eating a cheesesteak sandwich.

the babe said...

Of course, insanity gal's suggestion is only if the Phillies end up winning in the end. If the Phillies lose....well lets not go there. You can ask the Fella how creative Phillies' fans can get :)

However, a genuine cheer before tonight's game could absolve you of your sin. Can I get a 'GOOOOOO PHILLIES!!!'?

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