Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Threats

I just got this in my email box.

Here's a hint:

Anyone who gets me anything related to the bar exam for Christmas should thereafter sleep with one eye open. Understood?


Virgin In The Volcano said...

That's just hideous. Who would do such a thing?

the babe said...

Shit. That just killed my Christmas gift idea. If anyone else has any other ideas for Insanity Gal, you can email them to me at

just jenn said...

hmm. something must be wrong with me because i'm thinking "money saved" ... then again, i've not signed up for The Course nor figured out my study plan for said bar ...

T said...

hehe. the babe's funny. :)

i'm going to get you a bar exam you can hang in effigy. i'm a good friend.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Barbri must be finding that fewer students have firms paying for their bar course this year. Yeesh.

--Juliet @

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