Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Past is the Past is the Future

I was trying to finish a paper recently, and I was lamenting to a friend about the stupid decisions that I had made along the way that were making it really difficult for me to finish, i.e. inserting a footnote with no information in it.

And he said, "Yeah, Past M is always doing stupid things like that for Future M to deal with."

I thought it was the most brilliant thing I'd ever heard, and after chatting with folks about it, it is clearly the cross to bear of the law school type.

Past (In)Sanity Gal hates Future (In)Sanity Gal. Clearly. Or else she thinks Future (In)Sanity Gal is some sort of superhero who has the ability to fly over large buildings and write 15-page papers in a single bound. Whichever it is, Future (In)Sanity Gal is constantly being left with Past (In)Sanity Gal's giant mess to clean up, and it's annoying. And it makes Present (In)Sanity Gal feel as though she is LOSING HER MIND. Which is obviously what is happening here because, although this is clearly a brilliant idea, this paragraph is also the rambling madness of a crazy person.


Amanda said...

I'm pretty sure that the entire paper I turned in yesterday was the rambling madness of a crazy person. And it was all Past Amanda's fault! But then again, maybe it's not crazy. Maybe it's brilliant. One can hope.

Jasmine said...

When I didn't want to go to bed as a child, my mom would remind me that my morning self would not be very happy with my night self.

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