Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Taking it to the next level

Last night I dreamed about the Phillies for the second time. My unconscious mind is totally confused - having never before experienced this thing called sports. So, of course my dreams are not really about the sport. There's no baseball in them. It's just about meeting the players - fame (something my unconscious is very familiar with).

The first dream revolved around Shane Victorino - excitement about meeting him, his age (it was 22 - I was fascinated by how young he was), the babe's revelation to me that she wanted to have sex with him...badly. She denied this adamantly when I confronted her with it the next morning.

Not really her type, I guess.

And then in last night's dream, I had the opportunity to meet the whole team - I had caught them leaving their hotel and about to board the bus to head to NY. But it was very important that I go tell the others - I can only assume that meant the babe and some other Phillies fans or something? In my head, it was just all "Quick Lassie, we've got to run and tell the others!"

And so I started to, but then I got sidetracked because I saw Drew Barrymore.

So I obviously went over to get her autograph, but she was all annoyed because she was there to enjoy the World Series, not to give out autographs. But then she said okay fine - and then I got all shy and felt bad about bothering her and said that was okay, I didn't want to take up her time. And then she said really it's no big deal. And it seemed like she really wanted to hang out, which I was super happy about because - well, doesn't she seem like she'd be really fun?

So I totally let the Phillies down and didn't go get their fans - BUT Drew Barrymore was wearing a Phillies uniform, so I think that sort of makes up for it.

Yep. Plum crazy.


the babe said...

not crazy. devoted :)

Although, apparently, not devoted enough. I'll have to keep my eye on this Barrymore chick.

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