Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Password from now on: Fu*#Yo2!

I just renewed my health insurance for the year, and in order to receive the confirmation message that they sent me, I had to create a password for their special mail system. The world of passwords nowadays is simply crazy. Here are the requirements for my password:

1. at least one lowercase letter
2. at least one uppercase letter
3. at least one number
4. at least one punctuation symbol
5. at least 8 characters

And then they have the nerve to say that you should come up with a password that will be easy to remember and that you won't have to write down. Seriously? I need a personal assistant just to remember passwords. I try to keep things as simple as possible and use a lot of the same ones, but with all of these wonky requirements, it's really difficult. And then I won't go on that site again for 4 months or something and when I do, I will have absolutely no idea what my password is. The same thing happens when I call my bank, which I do about twice a year. And then they ask me my phone password, and I'm trying to sound like I know what it is so that they'll talk to me about my account, but inside, I'm thinking, "Phone password? Huh? Um...would that be the same as my online password? Is that what I would've thought 4 years ago when I set this password?" I realize it's all for protection, and it's probably a good thing. But man, is it a pain in the ass.


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