Monday, September 7, 2009

Inquiring Minds

The big question of the day.

You're at someone else's house. You're peeing. In their toilet.

You notice that the toilet paper has not been put on the holder. It's just resting on top.

Do you pull some off and go about your business?

Or do you put it on the holder?


Virgin In The Volcano said...

Pee and leave everything exactly where you found it.

T said...

I think, in order for me to move the TP, I must 1) feel comfortable with the person whose toilet I am using and 2) guess that they want it on the holder and just didn't put it there for whatever reason (laziness, being rushed).

Also, if it's a new roll that I had to find under the sink or something, I always put it on the holder.

Lastly, it's great that you pointed out in the scenario that you're peeing IN THE TOILET. I know your household. You folks could be peeing anywhere. :)

Emerson said...

Definitely leave everything the way it is.

Every time I use some else's bathroom, I always think of that scene from "Along Came Polly" where Ben Still clogs the toilet with the hand-embroidered wash cloth. Although that may be an extreme form of bathroom behavior, it reminds me not to rock the bathroom boat.

saisai said...

um, i dunno what weirdos came before me, but i always put the roll in the holder. if the owner really wants it on top he or she can move it back! besides, it's almost always due to (a) laziness, in which case you're doing the owner a favor, or (b) a broken holder, in which case you can't put it in place anyway.

(In)Sanity Gal said...

Very interest responses. Especially from those of you who frequent our bathroom.

The babe and I hate the positioning of our toilet paper roll. It would be easier to use if we could detach one of our arms to get a better hold of the toilet paper. So we just set the paper on top. But almost every time we have someone over, it mysteriously ends up on the holder. I always experience a moment of guilt for having failed to put it on the roll in the first place - like it was rude to force my guest to do it. I don't think the babe feels that way.

David the Grape said...

I'm too lazy to put my own TP on the roll holder, why should I do it for someone else?

the babe said...

I definitely don't feel that way. I wonder about guests who put it on the holder--and I know who you are. In fact, with the repeat players in our bathroom, I wonder if they're paying attention at all. If you're reading this, now you know the reasoning behind our TP placement. Take note :)

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