Sunday, September 6, 2009

If Loving You is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right

I've always thought guys were a little weird with their electronics obsession, loving their televisions and their gadgets. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good tv, and I've liked some of my cellphones. I appreciate what technology can do for me.

But I've never loved something electronic.

Until this.

Oh, beautiful computer. You make me swoon.

My laptop is fine, but I never felt this way about it. It always felt heavy and clunky. This one feels svelt and sleek. I can carry it around in one hand. The keys hardly make any noise. Everything is shiny.

I love it. Love it. Love it. Love it.


T said...

hehe. welcome to our kind! (i don't think you were really as removed as you're making it sound. i've heard you wax on about that projector set-up...) :)

(In)Sanity Gal said...

True true. But, of course, I've never actually owned the projector - so that's just hypothetical love.

teasinglydiverse said...

So, I'm seriously looking for a new laptop/netbook to replace Hilda the Beast (my 17", 6+ pound Dell monster)...what kind of computer is this? because all people keep giving me is "MAC! Buy a MAC!" despite my repetitions of "Poor! Poor student!" :) And this looks tiny and shiny, my two major criteria (I'm such a girl...)

(In)Sanity Gal said...

TD, I totally understand. This computer will not break the bank, and - maybe I mentioned this - I love it. Tiny, pretty, shiny goodness. Here's a link to it.

It comes with Windows XP Home, but my mom's husband kindly installed the office version with onenote onto it for me. So I know it is compatible with that. My mom and I now each have one. I highly recommend it!

T said...

oi. those mac users are so useless when it comes to advice.

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