Tuesday, March 17, 2009

(In)Sanity Gal Takes the Plunge

In a moment which may prove to aptly reflect my name, I registered today to run an 8K race on April 18th. My dear friend T and I decided to do it together, and last week we started running together twice a week.*

So, 8K is not so bad - that's 5 miles. Of course, I actually cannot remember the last time that I ran. I think that it was once during finals last year, as in last school year, as in almost an entire year ago.

We started with three miles. Which, in truth, seems sort of excessive for beginning, but there's really not that much time to up the mileage. And I only thought I was going to throw up for like an hour and a half afterwords.

The key exciting detail, which T pointed out to me today is this language from the race** website.

The Springburst 8K is a challenging race hosted by PGRC. The hills of Greenbelt National Park provide over 100 runners a chance to test their fitness levels before the summer racing season begins.

Hmm...it seems that in my effort to find a race with a date before finals, I forgot to read the description. The word "fun" is not in there at all, as in "Fun run for kids and adults!" Um, challenging? Test their fitness levels? Summer racing season? As in see if running in fact makes them feel as though they're going to die before the summer racing season begins? T thinks no. She thinks they're training for speed. Oh. dear. god.

I checked the results from last year, and it does appear to be the case. These people are actually runners. But...but....there were a few stragglers. So, it appears that if we can run these five miles in less than 1 hour and 4 minutes (assuming said stragglers race again and have been sitting on the couch eating cheetos since last year), then we will not come in last and I will not have to relive any unfortunate middle school track experiences.

* My dear friend E is also running with us but unable to do the race.
**Speaking of race, I think that's a misnomer. When I say "race," I actually mean "jaunt out with friends where I for some unknown reason wear a white piece of paper safety-pinned to my chest and hope not to get run over."


Merrily Down the Stream said...

Oh-oh Girlfriend! You'd best get out of the way! I'm committed to a half marathon on Thanksgiving Day - wonder if I'll ever start running (or perhaps, more accurately, jaunting).

the babe said...

Why are you so damn funny! I'm in the library for godssake, I can't be laughing aloud...perhaps a little warning next time?

:)Ibti said...

I'm volunteering at a race you might want to check out next weekend in Gaithersburg: http://www.runterra.com/gaithersburg.htm. Want to join me? It'd be good practice....

(In)Sanity Gal said...

Merrily - way to go! That's a big commitment, but I think a really good distance choice.

babe - :D

Ibti - that does look like a good one. Unfortunately the weekends from here on out belong to the devil (aka law school)

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