Thursday, February 26, 2009

I didn't want to be the one to say it

But it looks like I'm going to have to go ahead and do it.

John Stewart isn't as funny when Obama is the President.

There. It's out.


the babe said...

I think we all knew it was coming. The funniest moment recently was when he did his President Bush impression. But I'd trade the laughs for competence any day.

Useless Dicta said...

You can add SNL and Colbert to that list as well, and maybe even the Letterman and Leno monologues. But I too will definitely take competence over comedy. Sarah Palin made for some great SNL, but thank goodness she didn't become VP!

LL said...

I know and it makes me sad too. I miss the Cheney voice and the Bush cackle, though not nearly enough to actually want them back in the headlines. If nothing else, Bush was a great thing for comedy.

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