Monday, March 8, 2010

Because looking back is better than living in the present

Even though I was sick the entire time, Spring Break was pretty great. Particularly when you compare it to the first Monday back after Spring Break, when my nose is raw and cracked from blowing, and I seem to have forgotten what it means to be a student. So instead of focusing on that awfulness, I'm remembering a few of the delightful moments of last week:

Later that day, I would parallel ski all the way down a green run. And the next day, I would ski on 3 blue runs. Can you say "(In)Sanity Gal conquered the mountain?" That's right.

This is a sign of the moment while, sitting on the toilet in the hotel, I realized that I must make more of an effort to feed my crafting desires. I really liked the look of the fabric of the shower curtain, and I thought to myself I wonder if anyone would notice if I stole this shower curtain?*

When we came home (and discovered that I had most kindly gifted my horrific cold to the babe), I made a kick-ass pot of chicken soup with whole wheat matzo balls from the babe's mom's recipe, which we demolished in no time at all. We ate it twice a day for like four days. Yum.

* I didn't.


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