Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cocktails, Vermont style

For those who need a recap, when the babe and I go to Vermont, we stay with the babe's old roommate who now lives in a group house with 3 other girls. To call it a "group house" doesn't entirely cover it - it's more like a family than anything else. It reminds me of a house filled with sisters who truly enjoy each other. Among them, they have a friend group that seems to cover the majority of the people in Burlington. They're known for their weekly or bi-weekly potlucks, with a potluck email list with over 100 people. For Thanksgiving this year, they hosted a potluck with about forty people. They've even been featured in the local paper for their amazing potlucks.

So when we come visit, there's often a potluck or gathering. I've written about at least one of these gatherings before. This time, they did something a little different - a little outside the Burlington hippy norm - and hosted a cocktail party. Complete with pina coladas, Vermont maple moo-moos, and party dresses.

Some of the best things about last night's party (and hence, Burlington):

1. There were two guys wearing dresses. And owning it.

2. The Burlington-ers were delighted with themselves to be hippies having a cocktail party.

3. Almost everyone brought along desserts because even though it wasn't billed as a potluck, Burlington-ers are born potluckers.

4. Underneath most of the party dresses, there were leggings or wool tights.

5. My lack of a party dress was not a problem. One of the gals delightfully outfitted me in an 80s style blue party dress and knee-high red boots.

6. We all stood in lines - girls and guys - and learned a Bollywood dance, which was amazing.

7. The Bollywood dance party turned into an 80s dance party thanks to Pandora's 80s Dance Party station.

8. Which turned into a Pandora TLC station party. And nobody there wanted no scrubs.

9. After-party breakfast this morning included amazing breakfast quesadillas - the perfect hangover breakfast.

As always, Vermont delivers.


eggplantexecutrix said...

Hey, stumbled upon your blog and wanted to wish you a very happy last semester of law school! I'm a second semester 2L myself -- good times. Your blog looks great!

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