Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who is it??

Prime example of the exhaustion and mild insanity that has been the last few weeks of my life:

The other day I got off the elevator and wearily walked towards my apartment. I put my key in the door, turned, and....nothing. It wouldn't go. I tried it again. Jiggled it. Jiggled it again. Still nothing. What the hell?! Why won't my key work?

I took the key out and stood there for a second frustrated. Is this some sort of joke?



Am I on the 5th floor?

Oh dear god. I'm on the 5th floor.

Oh dear god. I hope this person doesn't come to the door.

Must. Get. Away.

I ran down the hall. Yes I did.

Ran down the hall to the elevator and frantically pressed the door close button so that it would whisk me up to the 9th floor (where I actually live) before the 5th floor person could come running after me to see why I was trying to break into their apartment.

At work I take the elevator to the 5th floor. At home I take it to the 9th floor. That is, when I haven't lost my mind.


ana said...

I did that at my sister's apartment building once after I'd stepped outside to have a cigarette. Her building has two entrances and the each half is identical.

To make matters worse, it was late in the evening and the person heard me. We started talking through the door and I thought it was my sister playing a joke on me. (Eerily, they sounded almost exactly alike.) Finally I realized I was at the wrong spot, but I felt horrible that I'd scared the cr*p out of some poor young girl.

Embarrassing to say the least.

Lauren M. said...

Sometimes I drive all the way to work, and then realize that I should have been going to school. And then I try to remember why it is I wanted to become a lawyer...

:)Ibti said...

Ha! Love it! A variation on this is when I accidentally got into the wrong car once. What are the chances that someone else would have the same model, in obnoxious turquoise, mind you, of Nissan Tsuru (the Mexican version of the Sentra)? Apparently the chances were pretty good. And the chances of us having the same key were also pretty good. It took me a few minutes, though, of wondering why someone had moved the seat back and taken my tennis racket out of the passenger seat to figure things out. Good thing I didn't drive off. Then again, they had more gas in the tank than I did, so maybe it wouldn't have been a bad swap. ;)

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