Thursday, May 14, 2009

we iz gooberz

Too much lolcats and a penchant for silly has destroyed mine and the babe's ability to speak - so much so that on the way home from the park yesterday* the babe turned to me and said, with a note of pride, "We've spoken correct English all day."

Maybe it was finals insanity, maybe the stress of law school in general - who knows. But for whatever reason, a person with their ear against the door of our apartment might hear any number of the following phrases:

I'z tired. I'z redy for bed.

Uz my favorite. Uz da best evah.

I no wants ta do dis no more!

I ruvs u.

Das no gud. Das bad.

Dis poopy.

I think you get the point. We realized it was out of hand when we noticed ourselves and each other saying these things in public. Around other people. Very bad.

So we're trying to cut ourselves off from lolcat/baby talk. It's harder than it seems. But sometimes you just have to suck it up and work hard if you want to keep your friends from throwing up in their mouths every time they see you.

* The park was our longest jaunt out of the apartment since mother's day weekend (when the moms were here). Though it required intense willpower, we peeled ourselves off of the couch and away from the television so that we could enjoy the sunshine.


saisai said...

as an intermediate step, you can always switch to kim jong il, a la team america: world police. though you happily seem to have avoided feeling ronery. :)

miss you guys millions!

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