Thursday, January 22, 2009

Things That Don't Make Your Note Get Finished

1. Facebook.
2. Online shopping. I know. I'm as shocked as you are. I looked at my note, and I was like - wait a second...there aren't any more words than there were an hour ago! What's going on here?!
3. Talking on the phone. Good for whining about your note, but not so much for getting it finished.
4. Posting things on craigslist. Unless it's a post for someone to come write your note for you. Obviously that's a very bad idea. But call me if you're interested.
5. Seething with hatred. Good for the soul; bad for the note. Or maybe just bad?
6. Facebook. Still.
7. Packing. It's important. How can you move if you're not packed? But the more important question is will you have space to save those boxes for the cardboard house you're going to have to build for yourself after you flunk out of lawschool and aren't able to pay back your copious debt? Good point.
8. Writing blogs. Wait what?



Trannyhead said...

Believe me, I feel your pain. It's amazing how many things I can find to do that are NOT studying for the bar. Why is it so hard to force myself to do it? It's annoying. Heh - note that I'm blogging right now instead of studying. Yeah.

the babe said...

Just to continue that list:
-reading blogs. Thanks Insanity Gal.
-reading the news. unless it has to do with military contractors in Iraq, then it's "research".
-cleaning. Yep, that's how desperate i've gotten, I was cleaning last night.
-washing dishes. i know i'll appreciate it later though.
-showering--that's why i haven't :)

(In)Sanity Gal said...

Trannyhead - I know not what this "bar" is of which you speak. Surely I won't have to do anything like that.

Babe - I haven't showered either. Good thing we both like dirty girls. :)

LL said...

hahaha, good times. You know I thought all those things would go away once I started working and my productivity was linked to a paycheck, but sadly they stick around. I worked until past midnight last night because I wasted the precious hours during Landon's nap on facebook and uploading pictures to Picasa. Why? Why did I do that?!

The good thing is that somehow the work always ends up done. It's just sleep, showering, and quality of life that suffers.

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