Monday, January 5, 2009

The Second Half, Day One

I'm half-way through law school, which is actually sort of amazing when I really think about it.

I've said goodbye to the internship, so this semester it's just school for me, and I'm pretty excited about my classes. Constitutional Law II with a professor I love, Criminal Procedure with another professor I love, Environmental Law (which, according to reviews, is probably going to suck - but it's the gateway to all the other environmental courses so take it I must), and Trade and Sustainable Development.

And there's a new study plan - breaks for the interwebs.
No, I wasn't staying off the interwebs before - I was on it all the time - like maybe every 5 minutes while I was studying. Now (with some inspiration and motivation from the babe), I'm going to do study segments, like an hour, after which I can be on the interwebs for a set period of time. So far it's going well. I've done an hour. ;)



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